Her precious raisins

Leah loves raisins but we try to limit her intake coz she is not capable to brush her teeth thoroughly. Usually when we hand over a mini box of raisins to her, we would tell her to share with us. So this day we gave her the mini box, and in return she gave us each one raisin. When I asked her for another one (This was how I asked, “Leah, can I have a raisin?”), she said “You had one already.” That totally threw me off guard!

My obsession with stripes.

My obsession with stripes.

Can you tell I have an obsession here? I still have a few tops in the washer; some stripes dresses, bottoms and PJs not in photo; some bags and pouches with stripes print; even Leah’s clothes have stripes on them! 

Clearly I have a problem! Frankly I was not the one who noticed my obsession, it was a photographer who took our family portrait made a comment about my choice of wardrobe for the shoot that prompted me. Since then I noticed I naturally walked to striped clothes when I enter an apparel store.

So why stripes?

1. Polkadots makes plus-size me too clownish; floral design can easily make me looks older than my age.
2. The quickest way to jazz up an outfit – shoes, tops, bottoms, even accessories.
3. Everyone likes stripes! Don’t you? No?!
4. Stripes technically is quite fool-proofed.
5. Horizontal stripes – some combinations and thickness- could make one looks slimmer, as long as the top/dress isn’t too body hugging. Horizontal stripes visually draws attentions from the body shape. However, vertical stripes on the other hand, is less less less forgiving. A slightly fitted outfit in vertical stripes will be distorted and defined your body shape.

I can go on and on about stripes. That’s all for now!

The three words that came unexpectedly.

One morning, still in sleepy mode while washing her milk bottle, she came into the kitchen, hugged my leg and said “Mommy”…… “Mommy!”. I looked down at her and said “Leah, wait, Mommy get your bottle cleaned first, then I make you milk, k?”. She looked at me, “Mommy! I love you.”. I thought I heard wrongly, “I.. what??”. She glanced one side, trying to remember how to pronounce the word and repeated “I… love you.” Best morning ever.