My obsession with stripes.

My obsession with stripes.

Can you tell I have an obsession here? I still have a few tops in the washer; some stripes dresses, bottoms and PJs not in photo; some bags and pouches with stripes print; even Leah’s clothes have stripes on them! 

Clearly I have a problem! Frankly I was not the one who noticed my obsession, it was a photographer who took our family portrait made a comment about my choice of wardrobe for the shoot that prompted me. Since then I noticed I naturally walked to striped clothes when I enter an apparel store.

So why stripes?

1. Polkadots makes plus-size me too clownish; floral design can easily make me looks older than my age.
2. The quickest way to jazz up an outfit – shoes, tops, bottoms, even accessories.
3. Everyone likes stripes! Don’t you? No?!
4. Stripes technically is quite fool-proofed.
5. Horizontal stripes – some combinations and thickness- could make one looks slimmer, as long as the top/dress isn’t too body hugging. Horizontal stripes visually draws attentions from the body shape. However, vertical stripes on the other hand, is less less less forgiving. A slightly fitted outfit in vertical stripes will be distorted and defined your body shape.

I can go on and on about stripes. That’s all for now!


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