Reasons why I love potatoes and you should too!

“I’m on a diet. Potato is a no no.”
I have heard that a lot these few years. The truth is potato is NOT fattening! It’s the butter that you slather on your baked potato that’s causing you the trouble; it’s the melted cheese dip that you sink your roasted potato wedges, that’s the problem! Don’t look away! You know better.

Reasons why I love potatoes and you should too!
1. Potato has less than 0.1% fat. What makes it fattening is the cooking process and the tasty cheese/butter.
2. You can choose to steam, deep fry, pan fry, stir fry, mash, stew, boil or bake it!
3. You can serve it as appetizer, sides, main course, salad, snacks and even dessert!
4. It’s unprocessed carbs!
5. It’s filled with antioxidant goodness, rich in vitamin B1, B2 and B6.
6. You can use it for crafts!
7. It’s cheap!
8. It’s available all year long.
9. Kids love it! Especially in the foam of fries!
10. The best choice for one dish meal! Stew it with carrots, radish/cabbage, lean meat, onions, soy sauce and mirin for an hour, and it’s ready to serve! You have carbs, protein and vegetables in it!

One thing to note, once you see sprout on the potato, throw. It’s toxic, not only just the sprout, the whole potato is.


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