The Body Shop Shea Beautifying Oil

TBS Shea Beautifying Oil

Introducing my new found love – The Body Shop Shea Beautifying Oil

When I first saw it at the store, I wasn’t really sure what use can I make out of it – given that I have tons of body lotions at home and given up using oil as leave-in conditioner on my hair. However, the store was running a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” promo, I didn’t want to overstock my favorite Aloe Vera Day cream and TBS had discontinued Buriti range, so I got myself a bottle of their newly launched beautifying oil to try.

About The Body Shop Shea Beautifying Oil, quoted from TBS Singapore website:
Beautifying Oil is pure beauty in a bottle. Made with a lightweight blend of nut oils including Community Fair Trade marula oil, it gives instant hydration and a shimmering finish. This one (Shea Beautifying Oil) has a delicious nutty scent.

My Hair, Shampoo and Habit
1. Fine and frizzy are the two words to describe my hair. With Singapore’s moist and humid weather, it’s not helping at all. It’s either I blow dry my hair every night to set the hair cuticles in place or I risk looking like mad woman by noon.
2. I wash them everyday.
3. I have a habit to comb my hair to ensure they are not tangled before I wet and shampoo them.
4. I don’t use shampoo that claims it helps to make the hair smoother. That’s because most of these shampoo contains silicone, prolong usage might clog the hair follicles. Even for conditioner, I’ll try to avoid any that contains silicone. I notice my hair are sticky and tangled easily the following morning whenever I use conditioner with silicone. It seems to weigh my fine hair down too. If you want to avoid silicon in your hair products, keep a lookout of names like Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone and Phenyl Trimethicone in the ingredient list. Alternatively, use a clarifying shampoo at least once a week. It helps to cleanse away the silicon residues from your hair and scalp.

So How Does This Works for Hair?
Comb through the hair with a wooden comb. Then use about a twenty cent coin amount of oil – that’s the amount for my slightly off-shoulder hair length. Apply onto hair, focusing on the ends. Wet hair , shampoo as per normal and rinse. You probably feel the hair ends are a little…. not as smooth as you use a conditioner. Believe me, this works wonder. You’ll notice your hair dries faster, even without having you to towel dry it. FYI, that’s how I differentiate between a good and a bad shampoo. The idea of applying oil before shampooing is to smooth out the hair cuticles and prevent water from entering the cuticles. You must thinking if hair is thoroughly washed. Well, to be honest, IMO, shampoo is to cleanse the hair scalp, not the hair, unless you are exposed to filthy environment all day long. If you worry your hair is not washed thoroughly with this new method, perhaps limit to the usage to once or twice a week.

Quote from
“When the hair is wet, the water molecules fill the cracks in the cuticle and absorb into the hair. Like a sponge, the hair expands enough to accommodate the water. The water exerts a slight pressure from inside the hair which stresses the cuticle layer and lifts the cuticle outwards slightly. If the hair is in a stressed state long enough, the hair’s cuticle layer will split and peel up to relieve the pressure. The cuticle is a hardened dead layer of protein and once the stress fractures happen, there is no permanent repair solution. When the hair is blown dry using warm air on a low setting, the water is evaporated out of the hair quicker, relieving the stress faster.”

Smooth shiny hair!

The Body Shop Beautifying Oil is available in all TBS stores. It comes in four scents – Strawberry, Shea, Olive and Moringa. For more information, please visit The Body Shop Singapore website.


2 thoughts on “The Body Shop Shea Beautifying Oil

  1. I just picked this up myself from Body Shop as they had buy 2 get one free sale. I also did not know what use I would have but I figured why not try. I only used it on my hair so far and it helped with frizz (my hair is thick and curly), It gave it a nice shine and it smelled wonderful!

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