Muji Facial Cotton Pads

Muji Cotton Pads01

I bought my first pack of Muji facial cotton pads about 3-4 years ago and never looked back. On daily basis, I use them for removing makeup. I use them for removing nail polish too. Sometimes, when I have the luxury of time, I would soak them up with SK II treatment essence, lay them on my face like facial mask. Wonderful! Some find it expensive simply because it’s from Muji. Well, I spend one or two dollars more on the cotton pads and save lots of my liquid products that I use with the facial pads.

It’s made with 100% cotton.
I’m sure most of the facial cotton pads in the market are made of 100% cotton. However, Muji’s does not feel scratchy on the delicate skin on the face.

It does not leave traces of cotton on the face.
I had tried facial cotton pads that claims the above, but none of them is as effective as the Muji’s – although Muji never claims that. I absolutely hate to find traces of cotton on my face, especially the jawline or cheekbones, when I’m out in public bared face. The worst is having to find traces when I applying nail polish!

Generous size
I love the size. I love the size of the cotton pads. Love! Did I say love? Yup, love! I’m tall big woman, so I have big hands and long fingers. The usual 60x50mm size always get on my nerve. When I used the 60x50mm ones, I was only able to put the pad on my middle finger with both the sides being held down with my index and ring fingers, effectively I was only using 1/3 of the pad. Well, you could say I should have laid the pad on my four fingers and just hold on with the thumb, that would end up with more cotton traces on my face! With Muji’s 85x60mm cotton pads, I have it on my ring and middle fingers, and hold it down with index and pinky fingers. That really helps me to thoroughly remove makeup because of the generous surface area of the cotton pads!

Muji Cotton Pads02
Muji Cotton Pads05

It can be divided into four thin pieces!
So technically one pad can be used four times! And the material is so thin, I waste no toner nor makeup remover nor nail polish remover! With one Muji cotton pad, I can remove my entire face makeup. The amount of makeup remover I use is approximately 8 pumps to evenly soak the entire pad – I really mean dipping wet, then divide them into 4 pieces by peeling from the side. For a normal 60x50mm cotton pads, I have to use at least 6 pads to thoroughly remove the same amount of makeup because of the small size. Since these 60x50mm cotton pads are usually soft and fluffy, I would need more makeup remover product to be pump into each pad so they are evenly soaked up. I tested, that’s approximately 4 pumps per pad. So… you do the math.

Muji Cotton Pads04

Muji Cotton Pads03

60 sheets per pack
85x60mm in size per sheet
Price: SGD3.90
Available at all Muji stores in Singapore. For a list of location, please visit Muji Singapore website.


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