Canopy – Indoor Playground @ Changi Airport, Terminal 1


Tuck away in a corner of the viewing mall at Changi Airport Terminal 1, the Canopy – a forest themed indoor playground – is a great hangout place for both parents and kids.

Like all indoor playgrounds, the play equipment area is out of bound for the adults due to the height – probably weight too – restriction. The rules are indicated on the large green board outside the playground. There are cube shelves to hold your footwear. Washrooms and Baby Care room are conveniently located next to the Canopy! This is a big deal for me as we are potty-training our almost-3yo.


Cube shelves to hold your footwear.


Rules and restrictions.

The entire playground floor area is reasonably sized, not small but it’s not as big as Polliwogs at Robertson Walk. I love how playground is arranged. I can stand at the entrance of the Canopy and scan the entire play area at one glance. Well, there are some blind spots, but it’s relatively easy to locate my toddler as compared to other indoor playgrounds. In the daytime, the Canopy is bright and cheery, thanks to the full length windows at the viewing mall. Absolutely love the natural light source!


Overall view of the left side of the play area.

Overall view of the left side of the play area.

Overall view of the right side of the play area.

Overall view of the right side of the play area.

The slide on the right.

The slide on the right.

The slide on the left.

The slide on the left.

Great light source!

Great light source!

The playground floor is padded so are the play equipments except for the slides. Clean and new, except for some protection netting which came off when we were there, probably mishandling by the children. There are padded seats inside the playground for the parents to hang around. Despite the limited floor area, they managed to fit in slides, tunnels, obstacles and bridges, which you’ll find in most indoor playgrounds. They even have a trampoline!

Next to the Canopy is a crafts station called “Wood Block Rubbing Station”. A3 size paper and crayons are supplied at the station. Simply place the paper on the woodblock and start rubbing with crayons! There’s step stool for young toddlers like mine who isn’t tall enough for the station. Very thoughtful.


Overall Experience:
It was our first visit, the experience was great! Having said that, my friend who frequents the playground, told me that there were kids and even adults who played inappropriately. Adults?! Yes. Apparently, once an adult played the slide with her less-than-a-year-old infant, and accidentally kicked and bruised the kid who was in front of her. Adults are not allowed on the play equipments!! During our visit, I did witness children who look obviously too old for the playground, JUMPING on the upper level of the play equipment. Height requirement/limitation exists for good reason! These play equipments can only hold so much pressure and weigh. Abuse to the equipments not only causes damages to the equipments, it could potentially cause injuries to the users, who in this case are the children! So parents, please be responsible and do take note.

Location: Viewing Mall, Level 3, Terminal 1
For more information, please visit Changi Airport website.


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