Ettusais Lip Essence in tube and stick


If I remember correctly, Ettusais Lip Essence has been around since 2007, it has been one of Ettusais’ best seller products. I bought my first tube of lip essence in 2011 in Taiwan. I was trying to clock a certain amount to claim the tax back at the department store. Actually every time I walked by Ettusais counter, I’ll stopped and looked at them, pondering whether to buy. Well, you’ve to understand that I have got too many lip balms and products to finish! I still do. As for the lip essence stick in SWATi design… isn’t the design looks so adorable!! Continue reading

Finding recipes online!

I was telling a friend that whenever I invite people over for dinner – especially if it’s for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas – that’s the time I try out new recipes. I know that doesn’t sound like a good idea because a bad recipe could ruin the dinner party! But I’m proud to say so far so good! Continue reading

A letter to my daughter 给女儿的一封信

In exactly 3 months time, you’ll be 3. Time files. Yesterday I watched you sleep. It was then I realised that you have grown so so much. Where have all the time gone? 3 years sound like short but in fact, you have made some great impact on your Papa and myself. You have made our life different. You have made us wanting to be a better person. You have brought so much laughter, smile and even cries. You… you are our lovely daughter. Sometimes sweet, sometimes terrible. Sometimes loud, sometimes soft and gentle. Sometimes stubborn, sometimes obedient. Regardless, you are always our lovely daughter. You made this family of three possible. You may not be our only child, but you are always our first. Our first little miracle. Continue reading

Moist Banana Cake


In my opinion, banana cake should always be made with real bananas. Really! I have had those that were made with banana essence, not a fan at all. The artificial taste… eww! Since Leah is a huge fan of bananas, I thought perhaps I should learn to bake banana cake for her. It has to be dense and moist, but nothing too buttery and heavy. Moist moist moist! Trusty Google pointed me to Bakericious’ recipe. After closely inspected her photos of the cake, I was almost sure the recipe was the one! Continue reading

ALBION Skin Conditioner and EXAGE Moist Crystal Milk II


I came across ALBION on some Taiwanese beauty bloggers’ sites and beauty sites, its Skin Conditioner was given quite good reviews. I had seen it sold on Back then, it was not available in SG hence I did not want to risk purchasing online without testing it out. Couple of months ago, I was chatting with my colleague on skincare products, it was then I realized that ALBION was in SG – one and only retail counter at Takashimaya! Continue reading

Hardest job ever

You don’t need a resume, an interview nor experience for the job, but it’s the hardest job in the world. That’s because you have to learn on the job, constantly learning, something new everyday; no guidebook nor instruction manual, no mentor, no exact right nor wrong because every child is unique. That’s right, it’s parenthood. Enjoy.