A letter to my daughter 给女儿的一封信

In exactly 3 months time, you’ll be 3. Time files. Yesterday I watched you sleep. It was then I realised that you have grown so so much. Where have all the time gone? 3 years sound like short but in fact, you have made some great impact on your Papa and myself. You have made our life different. You have made us wanting to be a better person. You have brought so much laughter, smile and even cries. You… you are our lovely daughter. Sometimes sweet, sometimes terrible. Sometimes loud, sometimes soft and gentle. Sometimes stubborn, sometimes obedient. Regardless, you are always our lovely daughter. You made this family of three possible. You may not be our only child, but you are always our first. Our first little miracle.

For the past one year, you have made lots of progress. You have gone from 5 diapers a day to no diaper in the day. You have gone from words conversations to sentences conversations. You have learned to ask questions. You have learned to observe and analyse. You have learned to make your own choices in clothes. You have learned to wear your clothes with a little help from us. You have learned to take of your belongings. You have learned to pack. You have gone from needing to hold our hands to climb the stairs to shoo our hands away. We are learning to let go, let you go explore while we watch you from a distance, making sure you’re fine. You’ll be fine.

As I watched you in the dark, sound asleep, I started to get teary eyes. There are so much things that I want to teach you. There are so much that I want you to learn. There are so much things that I want to do with you. In my mind, I’ve made a list.

1. Love. Laugh. Live. And be silly!
2. Embrace yourself. Love yourself. Stay true to yourself.
3. Learn swimming! Mama does not know how to swim hence you’ll have to learn so in any emergency, Papa and you could save me. Haha! It’s an important life skill.
4. Learn 弟子规 aka Students’ Rules/Disciples Regulation.
5. Learn a music instrument. Mama sees it as a foam of self-cultivation.
6. Read. Books take you to places you have not been to. Help widen your perspective.
7. Take up a 1-to-1 opponent sport. There are times in life you’ll need to face problems and deal with them on your own.
8. Take up an individual sport, example marathon, swimming. Sometimes you are your own enemy. Learn to deal with yourself – your weakness, your strength, your ego, your pride. You’ll need to stay focus.
9. Take up a team sport. In life, you don’t always work alone. You need to learn to work with others, team-work is what we called it. That’s when you learn life isn’t always about you, about your way and your way is not always the only way.
10. Take your Papa out for a date. He loves you very much. You used to cry in the middle of the countless nights for him.
11. Take Mama out for afternoon tea.
12. Hugs – the more the merrier.
13. Spend time with nature.
14. Draw, colour and doodle. You have a good sense of colours.
15. Dream. It’s good for your soul.
16. Write. It’s good for organizing your thoughts and yourself.
17. Read, speak and write in Chinese. It’s your roots, you’ll have to learn and understand.
18. Creative expression, be it music, dance, draw, photography, anything. Your uncle once said that we have creativity in our blood.
19. Work hard. Play hard. Don’t get into trouble.
20. Thank you – the most simple words that make the world a better place. Use them more often.

That’s all for now. I hope we could check off all the items from this list together.

Once we walked pass the lingerie section while shopping for panties for you at the kids’ section, I pointed to the female lacy panties and said to your Papa, “One day, Leah is going to wear that”. You should have seen your Papa’s expression, he shook his head in disbelief that one day you are going to be a young lady. To him, you’re always his little precious girl.

Your Mama


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