Finding recipes online!

I was telling a friend that whenever I invite people over for dinner – especially if it’s for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas – that’s the time I try out new recipes. I know that doesn’t sound like a good idea because a bad recipe could ruin the dinner party! But I’m proud to say so far so good!

Friends say I’m Google Queen, whatever they need, I’ll find it online for them. Well, I wouldn’t self-proclaimed that. With so many recipes easily available online, how do I make my choices?

1. Choose something you like, or at least tasted.
2. Choose recipes that have photos of the dish, unless the photos are taken by professional food photographers. That’s because professionally taken photos usually involve props or something to make the food looks appetizing. Don’t forget the power of digital enhancement too!
3. Inspect the ingredient list and procedure. Make sure the ingredients are easily available and probably in season! Make sure you have the right tools to make it work.
4. Google and inspect different recipes of the same dish. I find this helps me to choose the right recipe. For example, a simple recipe for meatballs, some prefer to add in spices for more volume and flavour, some prefer to add in cheese to improve the texture.
5. Read reviews. There are recipes websites that allow users to comment on the recipes. Read up their reviews – both good and bad. Understand why it works or doesn’t work.

I hope the above tips help you in finding and choosing recipes online!


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