Ettusais Lip Essence in tube and stick


If I remember correctly, Ettusais Lip Essence has been around since 2007, it has been one of Ettusais’ best seller products. I bought my first tube of lip essence in 2011 in Taiwan. I was trying to clock a certain amount to claim the tax back at the department store. Actually every time I walked by Ettusais counter, I’ll stopped and looked at them, pondering whether to buy. Well, you’ve to understand that I have got too many lip balms and products to finish! I still do. As for the lip essence stick in SWATi design… isn’t the design looks so adorable!!

Ettusais Lip Essence in Tube
Glossy, glossy, glossy! This is my go-to lip product on no-makeup days. Instant relieves the dryness on my lips. Not sure about you, no makeup plus dry lips equals to tired-looking-me. Texture wise is semi thick, not tacky, cling onto my lips nicely without the slippery feeling which sometimes make me look like I’m drooling. Love wearing this on its own. Easy to apply with the squeeze tube and slanted tip design. I don’t require a mirror to apply this. Fragrance free. One application is able to last me until I have a meal. Despite all the above, I don’t like to use this as a base for my lipsticks because it leaves a glossy tip on my lipsticks.

Ettusais Lip Essence Stick
Lipstick-like application. Balm-like texture. It feels a lot lighter on the lips, not slippery. It helps relieve dryness on the lips too but it doesn’t last as long as its tube version. It wears out fairly quickly. It was almost gone after I had a drink or after I pressed my lips together many times. On Ettuasia website, it’s described as “spherical pink pearl particles that plays with light and gives your lips a cherry pink glow”. I detect small particles shimmer, however it doesn’t really give my lips a cherry pink glow. Well, since it’s meant to be a balm, I’m ok without the pink glow. This makes a great base for lipsticks. My lipsticks glide on easier after I prep my lips with this.



10 g | $31.00
Lip Essence promotes blood circulation needed for pink healthy lips. It keeps your lips moisturized with hyper gloss oil, while reducing the look of vertical lines on lips and protecting lips with SPF 18 PA ++. It’s the lazy girl’s way to pretty lips 24/7.

3 g | $26.00
Moisturize your lips with Ettusais Lip Essence (stick) and make them glimmer in natural cherry pink! Lip Essence (stick) reduces the look of vertical lines on lips with spherical pink pearl particles that plays with light and gives your lips a cherry pink glow. It also moisturizes your lips with hyaluronic acid, while promoting blood circulation, and protecting your lips from UV rays with SPF 18 PA ++.


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