The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks

TBS ColourCrush Lippies

Rich in pigment, creamy in texture, glossy finish, and gorgeous selection of colours – 24 colours, to be exact – how could anyone give this a miss! Well, I almost did. This newly launched range – Colour Crush Lipsticks – really lived up to its name. The selection of colours ranges from vibrant coral, stunning red, shocking pink to low-key beige and pinks. Oh! They have them in wine and plum too! Practically something for everyone!

Recently, I’m really into bright lip colours hence my radar went straight to the red. I remember seeing the descriptions online that some of the lipsticks are matte. But after numerous swatches on my hand, I can’t really tell which are the matte ones. That’ll tell you how smooth and moisturizing they are, even for the matte ones! After going back and forth, swiping and wiping, I walked out of the shop happily with three lipsticks! There are #315 Coral Kiss (matte), #201 Red Hot Raspberry (pearlescent) and #115 Enraptured Red (matte).

TBS ColourCrush Lippies 02

TBS ColourCrush Lippies - swatches

#315 Coral Kiss (matte)
A your-lips-but-better nude color with a hint of peach tone. Sounds like a boring colour but with its satin-like finish, it gently brighten up my face. This is great for weekends, for school’s meet-the-parents session, etc.

#201 Red Hot Raspberry (pearlescent)
A stunning shocking fuchsia! This is it! Instant perk-me-up colour. Apparently, #205 Passionate Pink is a warmer version of this shocking pink colour. Love this! I see myself wearing it daily.

#115 Enraptured Red (matte)
A cool-toned siren red! I have fair olive/yellow skin tone and pouty lips hence finding a red carpet kinda red is a little big hard for me. Technically, a warm red should suit me better but this works for me when I wear a cool-toned blush. #101 Red Siren is a warmer version of this. Big love for #115!

These babies, in fact the entire range, glide on smoothly but not slippery. They stay moisturized on the lips unless you blot them with tissue. For #201 and #115, these last longer on my lips than #315. I can have breakfast and lunch, and still have colour stain on my lips. For #315, reapplication is needed after a meal.

Frankly, The Body Shop really outdid themselves for their Colour Crush lipstick and eyeshadow ranges. It’s no longer just about au-natural, especially in terms of colours. Hope to see more exciting range from them!

For more information, please visit The Body Shop Singapore website.


2 thoughts on “The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks

    • They discontinued some of my fav staples and it has been quite some time since I stepped foot into their stores. Hopefully they revamp their entire makeup collection! Colour crush lippies and eyeshadow are a good start! Do check then out and tell us readers what you think!

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