DIY Front-Facing Books Folders on Wall

Read & Play Corner

When I was redecorating Leah’s room after she turned two, my priority was to incorporate a read and play corner for her. All the toys and books must be easily accessible for her so as to keep her interested. Hence we went shopping for cabinets and bookshelves. Those two were easily found in Ikea and superstore. I wanted a bookshelf that was able to have the books facing front. I read online that it’ll interest the kids, having them able to see the book covers. But with the limited floor area in the room and the front-facing bookshelves are crazy priced, I decided to do a little DIY and here I’m sharing with you.

Here are a list if things that you’ll need:
1. Clear folders, preferably slightly bigger than A4 size with gusset. Anything bigger would make the structure easily warp when you have books in them. Reason with gusset is that you want it to be able to hold thick cardboard books, and it’s easier for your toddler to reach in.
2. 3M Command wall adhesives strips, those with two sticky sides. If I remember correctly, I used the large size ones that 4 strips can hold approximately a pound.
3. Masking tape to map out how you want to fix the folders up on the wall. This also makes sure that the outcome won’t be slanted.
4. Pen knife
5. Ruler
6. Cutting mat

Close-up of the folders

1. Mask out how u want to tape the folders onto the wall. I have a bookshelf next to where I want to fix the folders, so I had used the bookshelf as a reference point instead of using masking tape.
2. If the folders you get have flaps, fold and slot them into the folders like what I did. The folders I used have a V-shape cut at the rim. I would suggest to trim yours if yours do not have. If the rims are leveled, I find it hard for toddlers to get the books out.
3. Attached the four corners of the back of the folder with the 3M adhesives strips. Then peel off the remaining backing off the strips. Slowly and carefully attached the folder onto the wall.
4. After attaching all the folders onto the wall, carefully remove the masking tape that you have used for alignment.

Do take note that the folders have to be at your toddler’s eye level or slightly lower.

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