Orbis Ginger Complex Powder


Orbis is a skincare brand from Japan. I got to know it via either kimiss.com or urcosme.com couple of years back, and finally got to my hands on their products when I was in TW in 2011. Apparently, this brand has arrived at our shore! I’m not sure about the pricing here, but in TW, their price range is about the same as Fancl’s. In my opinion, its branding is very similar to DHC, Fancl and HABA, especially branding colours – very clean and clinical. They have products for skin, body and hair, cosmetics, healthy food and beauty supplement. I haven’t check out the local store hence I’m not sure if they have brought everything in. Oh! They have baby range too!

I’m a fan of their sunscreens. But today let me write about their Ginger Complex Powder. These are sold in a box of 30 small packets, very good portion control and very convenient. Each sachet is packed with natural goodness from ginger, cinnamon, red dates, ginseng, chamomile and 3 other herbs essence. Unlike the usual ginger tea that is made with old ginger (老姜) or Jiang Mu (姜母), this Orbis Ginger Complex Powder is made with young ginger (生姜) which warms the body without the heat. Ok, what do I mean by heat? In our culture, spicy food or some herbs when consumes, provides heat energy to the body. However, some provides more heat than a body could take, this will result in pimples, headaches, cough, etc, which means it’s making a person sick.

Why do I like this? Personally, during my menstruation cycle, my feet and thighs get very cold. I get cramps too, very painful ones. This ginger powder helps me warm up my body during the cycle. All I have to do is empty a sachet into approximately 200ml of hot water, add in two to three teaspoons of black sugar and consume when it’s still hot. One cup a day for the first two days of my cycle. It minimizes the pain I get and cold feet/thighs. I had tried old ginger and Jiang Mu, those gave me headache after consumption.

If you manage to find them in our local stores, give it a try. You can share a box with your girlfriends or sisters since it’s in small sachets. Pretty convenient, I just carry a couple in my bag. By the way, the sachet on its own, has no taste at all, it’s a little bleh. So remember to add in some sugar, I highly recommend black sugar.

Take care and good health!


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