Learn to Button Game

Learn to Button Game01

Earlier this year when preparing for a holiday trip, my first priority was to think of ways to keep Leah who was 2y4mo, entertained in her pram. Food/snack was one, the other that I thought of was game. One of the few that I handmade was “Learn to Button” game. I have been wanting to do a tutorial but since Leah’s “Learn to Button” flower garden game set was completed and no photo was taken, I procrastinated. This particular car version is for a boy, I took this chance to take photos and do up this tutorial.

Learn to Button Game02

Here are a list if things that you’ll need:
1. Buttons – I used 19mm in diameter ones in this tutorial.
2. Felt materials – any colours you prefer.
3. Scissors – I prefer surgical scissors as I find them able to cut in precision.
4. White glue or fabric glue
5. Sewing needles and thread. You need a slightly thicker needle so it can pierce through the felt material with harden glue in between. Any color threads you prefer.

1. Decide on a base color. Here I used a white felt as base. You can use any colour, be creative! As for size, here I used a square version of a A4 size. Not too big if you intend to bring it out.
2. Cut a long strip and that’ll be the ‘floor’ where the car sits on. I used a light green to simulate grass field. You can flush all the way to the edge of the base or leave a tiny gap like mine.
2. Spread white glue generously and evenly. Silly me thought the glue was going to spread when I pressed it down. It won’t!

Learn to Button Game03

Learn to Button Game04

3. Cut shape of a car in your preferred colour, fix it up with white glue.

Learn to Button Game05

4. Then the windows and light. The windows were intended to not aligned perfectly. Looks cuter, isn’t it?

Learn to Button Game06

5. Leave it overnight to dry entirely.
6. Re-enforce with stitches. This was a last min decision because I noticed the entire piece kept folding at the in-between the field and car. But it does adds some kind of handmade cuteness to the piece. 😀
7. Sew on the buttons. These are the rims for the wheels. If possible, sew them a little loosely so your toddler could button the wheels on a little easier.

Learn to Button Game07

7. Trim out many sets of wheels in your preferred colours, with 7cm in diameter. Fold in half, with surgical scissors, make a cut in the middle. Open it up and continue to trim it until it’s 4cm length. Re-enforce with stitches on the sides, as shown in photo.

Learn to Button Game08

8. This is how an entire set would look like. I’m not done with the rest of the wheels, but you get the idea, right?

Learn to Button Game09

This is Leah’s learn to button flower garden game set!

Learn to Button Game10

I’ll provide you with shape templates soon so you could print them out, trim the felt materials with the template laid on top of it.


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