Have your steel-cut oats cooked in a thermal flask!


Steel-cut oat is the least processed kind of oats. They are removed from the outer husks, then machine cut into pieces. That’s why they are called steel-cut. Apparently, they are more nutrients for the same amount consumed in comparison to instant and rolled oats.

Under normal circumstances, they are required to be soak at least a couple of hours before you cook them over the stove. This method of mine was discovered when I was traveling with Leah when she was 9mo. I wanted to cook porridge or barley in the hotel room without having to lug a small slow cooker in my already bursting luggage. I googled the China and TW sites, and discovered the thermal flask slow cook method. It works with rice and barley. So when I returned to Singapore, I tried it with steel-cut oats. You would need a good quality thermal flask that is able to retain the temperature for a good couple of hours. How do you know if your thermal flask works? Fill it up with freshly boiled water, lid on tightly, leave it on countertop. 4 hours later, check if the water is at least warm. If it does, great! By the way, if you going to make only a portion size, please a small thermal flask. This is because if you use a larger sized one, and since it’s probably going to be filled up to half or less, the temperature will definitely drop faster in a shorter amount of time, which will result in uncooked oat.


1/3 cup steel-cut oats
1.5 to 2 cups of freshly boiled water
Your choice of toppings and seasoning. Examples, fruits, condensed milk, etc.
Thermal flask – Mine is a 0.5L capacity

1. Rinse the oats and put them in your choice of thermal flask.
2. Pour in the freshly boiled water.
3. Leave them inside for about 3-4 hours.
4. When the time is up, pour it out and top it up with your choices of fruits or anything you fancy!

Viola! It’s really that simple. I really like oatmeal but just hate the constantly stirring and soaking overnight. I have choosen Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Steel-cut Oats hence the oatmeal looks a little watery and less sticky in the photos. In the following photo, I top it up with seaweed and sesames for salty version, pork floss in the 2nd photo, and blueberries with walnuts in the last photo.


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