Teriyaki Baked Chicken


November and December are months of celebrations for me – Leah’s birthday, Christmas party, and more Christmas parties. I’m always on the lookout of easy recipes that I prepare and feed my guests until they are ‘belly-happy’! This recipe I found online is from CHOW Recipe website, it’s called “Asian-Marinated Baked Chicken Recipe”. After preparing twice, I thought I could share my tips with this recipe. Btw, my sister said it tasted like Teriyaki Chicken! Continue reading


DIY Mango Black Sugar Scrub


It has been quite a busy month hence I have not been writing lately. Busy with work, busy with birthday celebration – Leah’s birthday, busy with hosting Christmas party! Yes, Christmas party! 2013 is coming to an end in exactly 2 weeks time! How fast.

Here is a quick post for those who are cracking their heads for party favors, particularly for your female guests. I made this with brown sugar, black sugar and The Body Shop Beautifying Oil in Mango. Quick and easy. Continue reading