Square Pizzas


It used bugged me that unfinished bread loaf was thrown away because it had turned moldy. Friends’ recommendation is to keep it in fridge to maintain its freshness. However, I would end up with hard, dry and flaky bread. Unless I let it sits in room temperature for an hour prior to consumption. That’s why I stopped buying bread loaves for a long time.

Since the beginning of this year, the breakfast timing at Leah’s school was being pushed to a later time, I was not able to make sure she takes her breakfast in school. Hence, I feel there’s a need to let her have something before heading to school. Nut butter bread is probably the easiest to prepare in the morning, but I would still left with unfinished bread by expiry date. Hence, came the idea of using them to make square pizzas. It’s quick fixed meal and Leah had fun helping out!

Things you need:
Slices of bread – I used white bread here. You can try using wholemeal.
Ham, cut into small square pieces – You can replace them with hot dogs, pepperoni, cooked chicken meat, etc.
Canned button mushrooms, sliced.
Pizza cheese – Mozzarella and Parmesan work great! Avoid cheddar cheese because it tends to harden after the pizza is cooled.
Tomato base pasta sauce
Pizza cutter


Spread generous amount of pasta sauce on the bread. Layer on the ham and mushrooms. Lastly, the cheese! Baked until lightly browned in preheated oven at 180°C.



Experiment with different ingredients and tell me how it goes!

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