6 Essential Makeup for Mommies

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Recently, I looked through the photos of my girl and myself when she was barely a year old. Oh gosh! I looked really drained, tired and aged. I neglected to look after myself. Mainly because there was a shift in my role in my household – I had became a Mom. My priority was my girl. I was adjusting to the change. Many times, I just didn’t feel like dolling up when I was out with her. That was because – I believe all Moms will agree – I simply had no time! Getting the little one ready to head out involved a lot of time and energy. By the time she was ready, we just wanted to quickly hop into our car and go go go! Hence, I came out with this list for all Mommies out there, especially first-time Moms. Well, at least it’s my essentials when I’m in a rush. The goal of this list is to make you look refresh and put together with 6 essential makeup, and be done in 10 minutes!


1. Sunscreen
“If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists whereas the rest of my advice has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience… I will dispense this advice now.” – from the song “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” by Baz Luhrmann.

That’s right, sunscreen. That’s my first essential. Sun damages are irreversible, they are one of the reasons why our skin aged, and don’t forget skin cancer. I’m sure some will ask if there’s need for a sunscreen when they are wearing foundation/bb cream/cc cream that comes with sunscreen properties. The answer is yes. Remember the SPF reading on your tube of foundation? You have to apply a significant amount to get that SPF reading protection, like 1 oz or more. Let alone that they usually come in just SPF15 or so. I don’t think anyone would use that large amount of foundation on face. It would look cakey and unnatural.

Sunscreen has to be applied on cleaned and moisturized face, not forgetting the neck. Don’t start piling on your foundation yet! Wait for it to sit on your face for a while before you start with your base makeup. This is to ensure the sunscreen is fully bind to the skin.

My personal favourite is a moisturizing sunscreen with at least SPF30PA++, depending on what kind of activities I have planned for that day.


2. Foundation
This could be your liquid foundation, cream foundation, mineral foundation, 2-way pressed foundation, BB or CC cream. A good base could make or break your overall look. Test out the base when you are home on a hot humid day to see how well it last on you. Some base would oxidized, turning into a darker tone; some would turn you into a greasy pan; some would dry you up, looking like a cracked top brownies.

When purchasing base makeup, make sure you try out the color on your jaw and neck, walk out into the sunlight to see which color suits you better. Never let a sales person to talk you into buying a foundation that doesn’t have a colour that perfectly matches you.

My personal preference when I’m in a rush is 2-way pressed foundation. It’s quick and easy application. I could use it dry or wet, with a brush or sponge. If you want better coverage, I’ll suggest BB or CC cream. With these, you probably can skip the third item on this list!


3. Concealer
I’m sure waking up 5 times a night to feed your little one is contributing to that dark circles under your eyes. I can ensure you that these would be permanent residents under your eyes for quite a while. Or perhaps the irregular sleeping hours is breaking you out? Concealer is your beauty lifesaver.

Concealer comes in the form of cream, stick or liquid; it could be colour corrective, brightening or just cover up. Personally, I use a brightening liquid concealer on my dark circles. It seems though it doesn’t cover much, however in photos, the brightening properties reflect light from the surrounding or camera flash, giving the illusion of no dark circle. Another way to conceal those panda eyes is to use colour corrective concealers. But it’s really hit or miss because it depends on your skin tone and the colour of the dark circles.

For blemishes and pigmented scars, I prefer to use liquid consistency concealer. I usually like to dab a little onto the spots I want to cover after I have foundation on. Then I’ll leave it on while I do my brows and blush. By then, the concealer would have dried a little, I’ll dab it further with my finger to blend it further. This way, the concealer covers much better and last longer.


4. Brows Pencil or Brow Mascara
You know the saying that a well-shaped and trimmed set of brows frames the face, it’s especially true when you have foundation on. Foundation covers some of the natural colour of your brows, making them look a little lighter. I have seen women had foundation on without getting their brows filled in, they looked ghostly. Unless you are blessed with a bushy brows, please fill them in with brows pencil to give them more definition. If you are in between trimming sections, you can neaten them up with brows mascara.


5. Cheek colour
Cheek colours now come in a range of textures – cream, gel and powder. It also comes in a variety of finishes, example, matte, satin, sheen, and shimmer. I personally prefer a matte blush as I get oiled up a little when the weather is hot and humid. On days I know I’ll be mostly indoor, I love a shimmery blush that gives an instant glow to my complexion. One thing to note about shimmery blush is that it tends to emphasize facial pores, so if you have indented scars or extremely visible pores on the cheeks, stay away from shimmery blushes.

As for colours, I’ll suggest light peachy pink for fair skin tone and coral for medium and dark skin tone. For dark skin tone, I’ll suggest to go for satin or sheen finishing cheek colour for a healthy glow. One colour that I think it works for most Asians skin tone is mauve. It’s sort of a rosy colour.


6. Lip colour
Last but not least, lip colour. Before you debate between lipstick, tinted lip balm or lip gloss conclusion, may I introduce you to lip stain! I’m sure when you are out with your child, the first priority is to attend to him first. Who has time to touch up! The good news is lip stain last a very long time on your lips, well, at least you don’t have to touch up right after a drink or meal.

My personal favourite colour is a peachy pink or nude pink. A dark lip colour tends to make you look older than you are. The recent red/coral lip colour trend is great if you have the time to do up your eyes.

Remember that you can only take care of your loved ones when you start loving and caring for yourself.


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