Building trust. Raising self disciplined child.

The advice from our friends was to change password. Yes, our daughter has learnt to unlock the iPad through observation. She thinks it’s ok to learn to unlock because that’d mean she does not need to bother us.

When we first realised it, we were shocked and afraid that she would cling onto the iPad all day long. We always limit her time on these smart devices and TV. I must confess that I do put her on iPad when I bring her to work for half a day. That’s the only way that’ll keep her occupied for an hour straight so I can get work done. Don’t judge. That’s my extra pair of hands when I need them.

Back to the advice from my friends. I gave it a good consideration. But it always end with what if. What if she learns the new password? What if she asks for the new password? What if…

I actually had a talk with my 4yo. Yes. Seriously. I said to her that she has to ask for permission BEFORE she logs into the iPad. I told about the effects on prolong usage of these devices. Yes. Seriously. Then I monitored.

Weeks went by. She did her part by asking. In the beginning, she asked for it many times a day – she was probably getting the thrill to key in the password herself. Now, she seems to be less attached to the iPad since she has access to it.

As she grows older, she would be exposed to peers pressure and temptation. I cannot be always by her side, telling her what to do. I’m not sure how this is going to work for her future. All I know now is I’m taking this opportunity to build mutual trust and self discipline.

Am I the only one who naively think this will work? Tell me what you think.

2 thoughts on “Building trust. Raising self disciplined child.

  1. It’s such a difficult thing, technology and our kids, isn’t it? I have a 14 year old son, and although we didn’t have smart phones and iPads when he was very little, these days it’s very difficult to drag him away from screen-based activities. I sometimes wish for the old days of playing outside and TV being a rare treat, just like when I was a kid – I’m sure it was a healthier way to live.

    • Tell me about it! I was just telling my 4yo that TV was a rare treat when I was a kid. She didn’t believe it! LOL! Like your son, my 14yo nephew constantly on his phone and iPad. I really rather to have them outside, doing activities/sports.

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