[mini] Review: Percy & Reed Bountifully Bouncy Volumising Conditioner


Living in a country that’s humid all year round, I have (almost) given up searching for a conditioner that conditions and yet doesn’t weigh my fine fizzy hair down. Hence when a friend recommended Percy & Reed’s hair products to me, I was not really keen. I mean I had tried oil, serum, volumising shampoo and conditioner, nothing seems to help! That explains why I bought a travel-sized conditioner instead of full-sized.

On its packaging, it says
“This amplifying formulation containing blackcurrent extract helps big up even fine hair, while white grape oil and aloe vera gel leave your locks in beautiful condition. Pro vitamin B5 adds strength, to go with your new super sized style.”

I’m pretty sure my hair did not big up like Marge Simpson’s. However, this Percy & Reed’s Bountifully Bouncy Volumising Conditioner does did wonders to my fine fizzy hair. I do have to admit that the first time I used and rinsed off, I was disappointed and thought this thing didn’t work. That was because the hair did not rinse off silky soft like some conditioners did. I thought perhaps I did not use enough of the product since I only used 2-3 pea-sized for my off-shoulder length hair, but I didn’t want to end up using too much and flatten my fine hair. Moreover, most of those that rinse off silky soft are filled with silicon that make my hair feels sticky when it’s dried, and it weighs my hair down. So I rinsed and towel dry my hair as what I normally do, hoping it would work. Let me just say, this thing makes my hair feels bouncy, light, soft and less frizzy! Even in this hot humid weather! I’m not kidding! In my book, light, soft, less fizzy and bouncy do not apply to my hair all at one time. If a conditioner makes my hair soft, it’s going to be heavy because of the silicon. If a conditioner makes my hair light or bouncy, it’s going to be fizzy. Frankly, as I spent days writing this article, I’ve gotten used to the new hair texture, I thought it was all fake, I thought it was not because of the conditioner. So I stopped for a day, well well well… the friz came back, the tangle came back. I’m so glad that I picked this up and will definitely buy the full-sized! And definitely check out more of their products!

Have you tried Percy & Reed products? Let me know which are your favorites!

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