6 Skincare Essentials for Mommies

essentialskincare hder

Before motherhood, I had a skincare regime that I followed and kept up – cleanser, scrub, toner, cream, eye cream, mask, etc etc etc. Now having a 4yo in the house means she would knock on my bathroom door, yelling “Mom, can I have a cookie before dinner?” My home pampering time is practically zero. I’m sure there are Mommies out there have had such experience. We would scramble, slap on some cream and done. I have came out with this list so to make skincare routine a lot easier.

Believe it or not, I started writing this article months ago. Hence, the photos are not exactly the most updated of my current skincare routine.

Not in sequential order.

1. Facial wipes
On days you just want to sleep in a little longer, this might save you from time washing up your face in the morning. This is also great for removing makeup on nights you just want to quickly wash up and hit the sack. I personally prefer Nivea facial wipes as it does not contain alcohol that angers my skin. Thought it’s a little drier as compared to the rest of the facial wipes in the market, you can fix that problem with a little facial mist spray on the wipes prior to usage. Another of my new found favourite is Yes To Cucumber wipes. It’s moist, it’s refreshing!

2. Facial mist spray
Occasionally, I’ll need to stay home all day with my little girl. Attending to her needs like cooking up meals or bathing her, which leaves me oily on the face. Facial mist spray freshen me up instantly! I use it to freshen up my makeup too.

3. Cleanser
Good skin begins with cleaned skin. Oil, dirt and makeup residues clog pores. When your skin is constantly living in such condition, pores will just get bigger! The worst will result in bacteria, infection and acne. I alternate between a couple of cleansers – foam, liquid, cream, balm, etc. Foam is what I reach for when I’m in a rush. It doesn’t require to lather. Just pump it out, massage briefly on the skin, rinse and I’m done! When I have a little time, I would pamper myself with cleansing balm. Cleansing balm has a consistency like Vaseline – creamy and slippery. You massage it on dry skin, then wash it off with water and muslin cloth. Cleansing balm leaves skin soft and moisturized.

4. Moisturizer
When you cleanse your skin, not only you wash away the dirt and residue, your skin’s natural oil is being stripped off too. I personally prefer cream than gel, despite I live in Singapore. Another reason perhaps is that I work in an air-conditioned office for 8 hrs daily. Many years ago, facial creams were thick and oily in general. Now there are creams in the market that have consistency between cream and lotion. It gets absorbed into the skin much easier. Personally, I apply facial cream on my entire face including around the eyes area, and neck too. That’s why I did not list eye cream as part of essential.

5. Scrub
For a long long long time – and I mean years – I stopped using scrub. That was because a lot of the scrubs I came across contained ingredients that anger my skin. What I did is to use a wash cloth to give my skin a light wipe down. Recently I found out about electronic facial brush – yay yay I was late. I’ll use it with my cleanser, thoroughly cleanse and scrub my skin. Once or twice a week. Big love.

6. Makeup Remover
Makeup removers are generally categorized into milk, balm, oil and water. I personally love water because it’s non-comedogenic. However, if you wear sunscreen, you will need oil-based makeup remover to remove it. Hence, I’ll use an oil-based or cleansing balm to cleanse my face few times a week.

I hope this helps you in some ways. Probably give you an idea what to get for a Mom this Christmas? Tell me what is your skincare essential.


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