Muji Handicraft Books

Muji Activity Packs01

Parents who bring their children out to dinner dates with friends, please raise your hands. We do. Always. In a perfect scenario, we would have conversations with friends, small conversations, laughing, wine… that’s in my dream. Ha! Remember how many times you had to look for markers, crayons and caps under the table; or needed the person seated at the next table to help you out? Can you imagine my joy when I saw these activities craft booklets in Muji stores?! Well, I know there are such activities booklets from bookstores, I had seen them. But these aren’t quite the same. The illustrations are creative, the idea is creative, it’s simulating and it allows the child to use her imaginations. Continue reading


DIY Mango Black Sugar Scrub


It has been quite a busy month hence I have not been writing lately. Busy with work, busy with birthday celebration – Leah’s birthday, busy with hosting Christmas party! Yes, Christmas party! 2013 is coming to an end in exactly 2 weeks time! How fast.

Here is a quick post for those who are cracking their heads for party favors, particularly for your female guests. I made this with brown sugar, black sugar and The Body Shop Beautifying Oil in Mango. Quick and easy. Continue reading

Learn to Button Game

Learn to Button Game01

Earlier this year when preparing for a holiday trip, my first priority was to think of ways to keep Leah who was 2y4mo, entertained in her pram. Food/snack was one, the other that I thought of was game. One of the few that I handmade was “Learn to Button” game. I have been wanting to do a tutorial but since Leah’s “Learn to Button” flower garden game set was completed and no photo was taken, I procrastinated. This particular car version is for a boy, I took this chance to take photos and do up this tutorial. Continue reading

DIY Front-Facing Books Folders on Wall

Read & Play Corner

When I was redecorating Leah’s room after she turned two, my priority was to incorporate a read and play corner for her. All the toys and books must be easily accessible for her so as to keep her interested. Hence we went shopping for cabinets and bookshelves. Those two were easily found in Ikea and superstore. I wanted a bookshelf that was able to have the books facing front. I read online that it’ll interest the kids, having them able to see the book covers. But with the limited floor area in the room and the front-facing bookshelves are crazy priced, I decided to do a little DIY and here I’m sharing with you. Continue reading