Canopy – Indoor Playground @ Changi Airport, Terminal 1


Tuck away in a corner of the viewing mall at Changi Airport Terminal 1, the Canopy – a forest themed indoor playground – is a great hangout place for both parents and kids. Continue reading


Reading and books can be fun!

Entrance of the NLB Green Library - "My Tree House".

Entrance of the NLB Green Library – “My Tree House”.

Together with City Developments Limited (CDL), National Library Board (NLB) launched an unique green library – “My Tree House” – for kids. The concept of this green library evolves around cultivating our young ones about caring for the environment, with a tree house structure constructed with recyclable materials as the centerpiece. Continue reading

Art Garden 2013 @ Singapore Art Museum at 8Q

Enchanted Garden City01

Before I gave birth to Leah, I had never step foot into a museum… Or maybe I did but only on some rare occasions during my NAFA years. So after Leah turned one, I asked around for activity ideas and that was when I learnt about Art Garden at Singapore Museum. Art Garden –┬áContemporary art fun for children – mainly targets at children but I’m sure adults will have their share of fun too. Unlike last year exhibits, this year’s offers more hands on crafts for the kids, which err… more verbal persuasion to move my kid along to the next exhibit. Continue reading