“I like you, Mommy”

Dear Leah,

Lately, you loved to run to the kitchen, stood by my side and watched while I cooked.

“I like you, Mommy”, you said out of the sudden. “I like to be with you, Mommy.”

That… for your information, totally makes my heart melts. I’m writing it down so when you’re in your teens, when we start to communicate in loud voices, we will remember this once mutual pure unconditioned love. I’ll blame it on hormones when that happens. It’s perfectly normal, my darling.

Your Mom

A letter to my daughter 给女儿的一封信

In exactly 3 months time, you’ll be 3. Time files. Yesterday I watched you sleep. It was then I realised that you have grown so so much. Where have all the time gone? 3 years sound like short but in fact, you have made some great impact on your Papa and myself. You have made our life different. You have made us wanting to be a better person. You have brought so much laughter, smile and even cries. You… you are our lovely daughter. Sometimes sweet, sometimes terrible. Sometimes loud, sometimes soft and gentle. Sometimes stubborn, sometimes obedient. Regardless, you are always our lovely daughter. You made this family of three possible. You may not be our only child, but you are always our first. Our first little miracle. Continue reading