Muji Handicraft Books

Muji Activity Packs01

Parents who bring their children out to dinner dates with friends, please raise your hands. We do. Always. In a perfect scenario, we would have conversations with friends, small conversations, laughing, wine… that’s in my dream. Ha! Remember how many times you had to look for markers, crayons and caps under the table; or needed the person seated at the next table to help you out? Can you imagine my joy when I saw these activities craft booklets in Muji stores?! Well, I know there are such activities booklets from bookstores, I had seen them. But these aren’t quite the same. The illustrations are creative, the idea is creative, it’s simulating and it allows the child to use her imaginations. Continue reading


Muji Facial Cotton Pads

Muji Cotton Pads01

I bought my first pack of Muji facial cotton pads about 3-4 years ago and never looked back. On daily basis, I use them for removing makeup. I use them for removing nail polish too. Sometimes, when I have the luxury of time, I would soak them up with SK II treatment essence, lay them on my face like facial mask. Wonderful! Some find it expensive simply because it’s from Muji. Well, I spend one or two dollars more on the cotton pads and save lots of my liquid products that I use with the facial pads. Continue reading