Managing Your Child – Give Options

20130702 Managing Ur Kids - OptionsThat’s right, you heard me right. Options. It’s really part of parenthood and managing a child. Many times I heard parents yelling at their kids to stop whatever mischievous they were executing. The most straight forward word that usually come out of the parent’s mouth would be “NO” or maybe “STOP”. Tell me frankly, how many times do you have to repeat to make your message through? Some parents and experts suggest divert their attention. Well, I tried. After a while, my kid knew the trick, eventually it did not work anymore. Continue reading

You’re back, Mommy!

My 2.5yo has a favorite parent. Yup, that’s right, a favorite parent – her daddy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly fine with it. In fact, I believe I play an important role in nurturing this father-daughter relationship, which I’ll talk about it in future. So all this while I had the impression that my present is not really on top of my daughter’s list. I mean if the daddy is playing with her, I can go do my own stuff; or the daddy is tucking her in during bedtime, I can go do my own stuff.

This day we brought her to my sister’s house to spend the afternoon there while we spent some quality couple time together at the movie. When we returned couple of hours later, the moment I stepped into my sister’s house, my 2.5yo came running from the kitchen and hugged my legs. With her teary eyes, she mumbled, “You’re back!”

I thought she would run to her daddy too, but surprisingly she stuck to me. That was when I realised I held an important position in my 2.5yo’s heart too.